Super Awesome PUG

I’ve heard a lot of talk about how crappy pick-up groups can be, particularly in World of Warcraft.  I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve never really had to rely on them because I usually have had a steady group of people to play with.  Last night, I got a little taste of PUG Hell.

I was grinding out some quests with my level 37 Mage when I received a whisper asking if I was interested in the Scarlet Monastery library.  I had the evening free and it was still early enough so I said, “sure”, and joined the group which was now just lacking a tank.  After fifteen minutes or so a tank was found and we all started heading towards the instance.  While on the way there, a Warlock in the group all of a sudden remembered “he had something to do” and dropped group.  He was quickly replaced by a level 38 Paladin, who upon joining the group was asked, “do you DPS?”.  His response: “What’s DPS?”

This should be interesting, I thought.

I was the second to arrive at the meeting stone and we began to summon the rest of the group.  We were finally all in place and ready to roll out when it was discovered the tank, another Paladin, was wearing a cloth chest piece, and had a two handed weapon equipped as opposed to a sword and shield.  We shrugged it off though given that we had two Druid healers, so we weren’t too worried about keeping him alive.

After a quick ganking by some high level Horde, we finally made it into the library.  One party member however, (the “what’s DPS Pally”) had lost track of us as we entered the Monastery.  We tried our best to guide him into the zone but he just had no clue.  I was watching him on the map and could see he had walked down the path away from Scarlet Monastery and was headed toward Western Plaguelands.  “Stop and head back west along the path,” we’d say, but I’m guessing he had no idea what “west” meant because he kept heading east into the Plaguelands, which, at level 38, wasn’t a place he’d survive in for very long.

For five minutes we tried directing him, to the point where I figured he was just utterly hopelessly clueless, or messing with us.  Unfortunately, I think it was the former.  The rest of us decided to continue on, when, right before our first pull, the tank stops and says, “I’ve never tanked before, what do I do?”.

To my surprise, the four of us were doing just fine, dispatching mobs without any problem, all the while still trying to direct the lost Paladin toward the Library.  He was now even deeper into Western Plaguelands and dying constantly.

We made it to the first boss, Houndmaster Loksey, when one of the Druids said, “Dudes, I gotta go, my mom is pissed”.  He logged off, and left us with just myself, the other druid, and the Pally tank.  The Druid decided to step just a little too close to the boss, pulling him, and his three dogs to us.  Again, to my surprise, we killed the Houndmaster without difficulty, but the tank then said, “I’m going to go”, left the group, and hearthed back to Stormwind.  At least he had the decency to say he was leaving, as the remaining Druid, the one who started the group in the first place, hearthed back home unannounced.

There I was, almost an hour and a half after accepting the group invite, standing alone in Scarlet Monastery, when the “Lost Paladin” said to the party, “What’s going on?  Can someone just please summon me again?”.  I dropped group and hearthed back to Ironforge.

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  1. I’ve not been that lucky since hitting 80. I’ve had a few bad PuGs but nothing as gawd awful as that and that was just short of having your finger nails pulled off by a tractor.

    The problem is that with all the xtra xp everyone at those levels is getting people just don’t know how to group with others. When they get to 80, they learn fast or get put on ignore, which I have to say, I’ve not put anyone on ignore yet, come very close a few times, but nothing as bad as your eventful run.

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