Yes, Cancel It

Yes, Cancel It

I was playing World of Warcraft last night, as I’ve been doing much more lately, basically during every free moment I get.  I’ve been working on leveling up my Mage alt and it’s been going fairly quick actually, going from level 34 to 43 in just under a week.  That’s quite fast for me given the limited amount of time I get to play.

My inventory was overflowing with all manner of crap so I bought some bigger bags and started rearranging stuff when it struck me… it was 11:30 pm, I was tired, and there I was rearranging my virtual inventory.  Is that really what I wanted to be doing?  Furthermore, let’s just say I manage to get my Mage up to the level cap.  Then what?  As soon as I hit the cap with my Shaman I pretty much lost all interest in the game, which is why I created the Mage in the first place.

I slept on it for the night but as soon as I woke up this morning I came down and canceled my account.  I’ve still got three months, so I’ll continue to play a little bit here and there, but beyond that, I think that’s it for me and World of Warcraft for a little while.

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  1. I cancelled it myself last month. . … then a few people I knew said they were back to play and would level with me. So. . .. I’m levelling a mage coupla nights a week.

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