I Just Want To Play

DDO Denied

Real life commitments lately have kept me away from any sort of gaming, so I haven’t been able to try out Dungeons and Dragons Online which I picked up for two dollars.  I did manage to get in and create a character the other night but haven’t been able to actually play the game.

I finally have some free time right at this very moment as I write this post, and I was quite eager to get some game time in.  I clicked my DDO icon which started up the games launcher.  A quick little patch was applied and the launcher automatically restarted.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  The launcher came back up and then told me that “Client DAT files do not correspond to those on the patch server” at which point the launcher would just continue retrying unsuccessfully.

I check the forums and see the message above in the screenshot: There is currently an issue with the DDO game client that causes it to download incorrect files, leaving the game in an uplayable state.  At this time we recommend you do not open the launcher to prevent the files from downloading.

Well gosh.  Thanks.

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