Cataclysm! OMG OMG OMG!

No doubt by now the entire Internet has heard all the details about Cataclysm, the next expansion for World of Warcraft.  When the details were leaked by I was fairly quick to dismiss it as crazy fan-boy rumour.  I figured there was no way Blizzard could get all of those changes done in any sort of reasonable timeline, but I have to say, I’m quite impressed that all the rumours were true. Cataclysm looks like it will be a gigantic expansion.

The expansion announcement confirmed one thing for me; I have officially broken free from the WoW tractor beam.  After reading the feature list and watching the trailer, my reaction to it is what could best be described as indifference.  It all looks and sounds really cool, but I just don’t care a whole lot.   At least not right now.  I’m getting a kick out of seeing people who I’ve heard say they “never want to see the old world again” rush out and create alts because they’ll “never be able to experience the old world again!”

Despite my current indifference, I fully believe that closer to Cataclysms release I’ll be right back in there with everyone else, but my goodness, this is probably a year away at best.  Blizzard truly is the master.  As more and more people are getting bored with the game and starting to play elsewhere, they announce this expansion and bring a whole bunch of them back.  I’m sure there will be just enough little stuff released between now and the expansion to keep those people going as well.  Just as they’re starting to get bored again, the expansion will be out, and everyone will be starting all over at level one yet again to see all the new content.  I plan on going back to check the new stuff when it’s released, but for now I’ll stay happily unsubscribed.

I’d say Blizzard has the MMO space safely locked up for the next few years for sure.  How can any other MMO compete with World of Warcraft now?

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  1. No, no MMOs can compete with WoW, but the new question should be- do they need to? Lotro and eve are doing just fine on far fewer subscribers- the bar for success has been set unrealistically high.

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