Level 8 and Counting

Level 8

I hit level 8 in Guild Wars last night, as I continue to take on my friends challenge to reach level 10 without quitting of boredom.  So far things are going well, it’s actually not a bad game.  I’m certainly enjoying it more now than I did right after its release.  I’ve settled on my secondary profession, going with Monk, which seems to be a nice choice for solo-ing.

While I’m having a good time with the game so far, there are some things about it which drive me nuts.  First and foremost, I don’t like the game engine.  Yes, the graphics look great, but I hate all the invisible walls that are put up.  You can’t drop off a little hill to get to the area immediately below – you have to run around to the bottom of the hill first, following the one allowable path to the other area.  You also can’t swim.  You can run through shallow water, but anything above knee-level is off limits.  These invisible barriers are not very conducive to exploring the world.

Secondly, I hate the targeting and attack system.  I can’t count how many times my guy has started running towards the wrong target and then ends up bouncing back and forth like a tennis ball between where it wants to go and where you want it to go.  Left-clicking the ground moves your character to that location, so if you miss-click a moving mob, you can run right past him.  I’ve mitigated this somewhat by remapping the “target nearest” function to one of my side mouse buttons, but sometimes I still get caught in the target click-a-thon.

Finally, there’s no jumping.  It’s a stupid little thing, but sometimes when I’m running from place to place I want to hop like a bunny damnit!

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