Absence Makes the Heart Grow…

… indifferent.

It’s now been almost three months since I last played World of Warcraft and I have just one week left until my subscription runs out.  In that time I haven’t once been compelled to go back and play again, almost as if the longer that I’ve been away, the less I want to play.  When I quit EverQuest II however long ago, I struggled almost daily fighting the urge to resubscribe, but I’ve felt no such pull with WoW.  Until Cataclysm comes out I can’t see there being anything I want to do in that game, of course, I suppose I should never say never.

There isn’t any MMO out there right now that appeals to me, and that’s mostly due to my lack of free time to play them, but I also don’t really like the direction they seem to be taking.  WoW especially seems to be strictly all about gear upgrades as opposed to creating a sense of adventure, and fun.  Yes, I know that ultimately the loot is a prime mechanic in any MMOs, but no game hits that point over your head like WoW does, and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even know which badges can be used to buy what armour and frankly I couldn’t care less.

If Cataclysm can bring back that sense of adventure and exploration as opposed to an endless grind for better gear, I’ll be back.

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  1. What was it about EQ2 that made you want to resub?
    For me it was the epic quest lines that took months and months to complete. It made that reward more worth it. In WoW the best gear you can get is from drops from raid bosses. In EQ2 some really great gear can be obtained from questing. This is of course before the latest expansion where things went to a token system for rewards like WoW. I stopped playing EQ2 before this system went into effect.
    When I quit EQ2 and switched to WoW I kept asking or searching for the big quest lines. I asked my friends “what quest should I be on?”. It seems WoW’s quests are only there as a means to level up. They are overall meaningless. In EQ2 I had quests in my journal at all time and would never think of deleteing them. In WoW i have no trouble completely purging the quests I get from a hub after I had out leveled them and moved to the next leveling area.

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