Again With the Lack of Time Thing

I sat down to do some gaming the other night but was unsure of what to play.  Nothing was jumping out at me, but dammit, I wanted to play something!  I looked over at my little row of neatly stacked game boxes and my eyes settled on Titan Quest.  It had been a while since I played it so what the hell, I threw it in.

Every time I come back to that game (once every blue moon) I’m reminded of how fun it is.  At least I seem to enjoy it.  There’s just something about it though that keeps me from obsessively playing it through to completion.  Perhaps it’s best enjoyed in short bursts.  I wonder if I’ll ever finish it…

There was a time where I finished just about every single game I played.  This magical time has long passed.  At least I’ve stopped buying so many games.

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  1. Yep, I know the feeling. The number of times I’ve spun around in my computer chair and just stared at my shelf of PC games trying to figure out which one to play… I sort of fancy myself a scholar held up in his book-lined study, smoking jacket on, pipe in mouth, browsing his shelves for his next intellectual pursuit.

    Titan Quest was a lot of fun. I don’t finish games much these days either. I’m back in EQ2 now and am enjoying that for the time being. Almost finished Dragon Age. Almost finished Risen. Almost finished Fallout 3. I did finish Titan Quest though. Imagine that.


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