I haven’t been doing much gaming lately.  For the past two weeks I have been quite hooked on the Winter Olympics (Yay Canada!) and haven’t really been interested in gaming.  With the games closing this past Sunday however, I was back to the PC to get some gaming on.

I turned on the PC and soon after I heard a grinding noise.  I recognized the noise instantly, and knew it was my video card.  A few weeks after getting the card, the grinding noise would appear now and then.  It sounded like something was hitting the fan.  I took the card out and checked for any obstructions, but saw nothing.  I then did what any sensible person would do and blew on the card, put it back in the system, and powered back on.  The noise disappeared for about a month, until I heard it again the other night.

Once again, I took out the card, checked for obstructions, saw nothing, and put it back in the PC.  This time, after turning the PC back on, the noise was worse than ever.  It’s now a constant grinding noise which begins at system start up, and doesn’t stop.  I’m not going to lie, there was much cursing that ensued.  I just wanted to play a quick game, my chances to do so having become ever so rare, and my video card decided to annoy me.

That now leaves my gaming PC out of commission for however long it takes the RMA process to occur on the video card.  Sometimes I really hate computers.

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