Suspicious Questions

I’m writing this post on February 11, 2010.  My friends still don’t know that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again, although one of them is getting nosey.

I was chatting via email with the friend whose Warrior is on the same server as my Mage.  He was stuck at work on the night shift while I was happily questing in the Blasted Lands.  I asked him how his shift was going and he says, “not bad… have you resubscribed to WoW yet?”, which seemed totally random.  Why was he asking that?  Does he know something?  I replied, “yes, in fact I’m playing right now” which wasn’t a lie.  I followed it up with, “I just solo’d Arthas” which, of course, would be a definite lie, but it helped throw him off my trail a little bit.

As for the game itself, I managed to ding level 55 and even got three quarters of the way to 56.  I’m hoping by the end of this coming weekend I’ll hit 58 so I can get into Outland.  I remember really enjoying Outland and also remember the journey from level 60 to 70 didn’t take very long at all.  If I can get to 70 before revealing to my friends that I’ve been playing I’ll be ecstatic.

I’m really having fun playing again, which only confirms in my mind that I enjoy the leveling process much more than the end-game.

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