Welcome Back to Outland

I’m writing this post on February 19, 2010.  My friends still don’t know that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again.

As soon as I hit level 58 (three days ago) I marched on through the Dark Portal and entered Outland.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but I remember liking the levelling experience there on my main character and I’ve been eagerly anticipating my return.  So far I haven’t been disappointed.

I actually like Hellfire Peninsula; it’s got a nice theme to it and it’s nice and open and full of quests.  The XP has come in bunches and after just a few short play sessions there, I’m already level 61 as of this morning.  I’ve also managed to replace a decent chunk of my gear in the mean time.

The main difference I’m seeing now in Outland is that the open world PvP is much more active.  I’ve been ganked more times in Hellfire Peninsula over the past couple of days than I had been all the way from level 1 to 58 in Azeroth.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what level 80s are doing hanging out in this zone, but whatever the reason, my little Mage doesn’t stand a chance against them.

The other night a group of Horde characters were continually attacking Honor Hold.  I was just returning to the inn after completing some quests when I walked through an area of effect spell going on.  My water elemental immediately went off and attacked whoever it was that laid the AoE down as I sheepishly crawled into the inn and hid.  A couple seconds later, thanks to my elemental, I scored a killing blow on a Death Knight, giving me the honor kill, and also scratching off Death Knight on the “touch of class” achievement.  All while I was cowering behind the counter with the innkeeper.

The Dungeon Finder has once again come in handy.  I’ve run through Hellfire Ramparts twice already, both times getting some nice gear upgrades.  The first time through was with a power group and we steam-rolled through the place at a crazy-fast pace.  The only problem with the group was the presence of a stereotypical “uber player” who knew everything and kept pulling his own mobs regardless of what the tank was doing.  When others in the group called him on it he responded with any number of vulgarities.  I was surprised not to see a kick-vote.  The second group was much better, despite taking much longer to work our way through the instance.  Everyone was very friendly and there was a lot more chatter than is normal for a dungeon finder group.

I’m really enjoying the pace of levelling so far; three levels in just over three play sessions.  I hope I’m not being overly optimistic in thinking I’ll be 70 in about two weeks, depending on how much I get to play.

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