Flying By

I’m writing this post on March 4, 2010.  My friends still don’t know that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again.

When I logged in yesterday, my Mage was just a couple of bubbles away from level 63.  I quickly finished off a few quests and got the level.  I then realized that I also had enough gold to purchase my flying mount and picked that up immediately.  I had previously purchased the required riding skill a few days earlier which had left me without enough to get the mount.  I anticipate my questing going much smoother now, not that it’s been all that difficult, just a bit of a pain avoiding mobs that I don’t feel like fighting as I traverse my way to the next quest point.

After hitting 63 I queued up for a random dungeon and continued with my questing.  I noticed a Horde-shaped flying mount shadow on the ground near me, and sure enough, hovering way above me was a 63 Orc Warrior who had me targeted.  He came sweeping down and charged at me.  I was able to kite him fairly well, being frost specced and all, and it looked like I was going to kill him fairly easily… until I backed up into an elite guard standing in front of the Horde outpost of Falcon Watch.  That was the end of me.  As I was running back to my corpse my dungeon finder window popped up, saying it found a group for me.  I’m not sure what would happen if I entered the dungeon as a ghost, so I kept running to my corpse.  Fortunately I wasn’t too far away and I quickly revived and entered the dungeon.

I was put into a fairly decent group and we ripped through Slave Pens pretty quick.  By the end of the run I had gained a full half of my level.  We all decided to stick together and run another random dungeon.  This time we were put into Mana Tombs, and again we were doing well until the last boss.  We wiped on Nexus-Prince Shaffar and for whatever reason, three of the five group members dropped group without word.  I couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t attempt him again, but oh well.  At that point I was just two bubbles away from level 64.

I quickly rattled off a few more quests and got my level.  All in all, it took a total of roughly two hours to gain that entire level.  Things are going fast, and I’m liking it.  Level 64 already and I’m not even out of the first area of Outland yet.  I have two days off of work next week and yes, I plan on gaming as much as possible on those days.  If all goes well, including any play time this weekend, hopefully I’ll be heading to Northrend soon.

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