Gotta Love Laziness

I’m writing this post on March 22, 2010.  I’ve secretly been playing World of Warcraft since January.  In just ten days I’ll be making it public that I’ve been playing.

I moved on to the Howling Fjord at level 68 as I had planned and quickly steamrolled my way to level 69.  A few more quests later along with a run through Utgarde Keep and I hit level 70.  I must say, it feels good to get there because I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Just ten more levels to go.

Aside from the levels, there are a few other goals I want to achieve which will serve as carrots to lead me on.  First of which is getting the gold necessary to purchase my artisan flying skill, followed cold weather flying.  The two of those will cost me 6000 gold, of which I currently have about 350.

Speaking of money, I made quite possibly the easiest 20 gold I’ve ever made in WoW.  While leveling my crafting skills in Ironforge I noticed a call in general chat from someone in Stormwind looking for a port to Theramore.  He was paying 20 gold.  I immediately grouped up with him, portaled to Stormwind, met up with him, collected my 20 gold, and opened the portal to Theramore.  This to me, was ridiculous.  I could understand if he was a low level character who wouldn’t otherwise survive the trip, but he was level 80.  Also, Theramore isn’t that far from Stormwind really.  Just take the tram to Ironforge then fly to Menethil Harbor.  Once there, Theramore is just a quick boat trip away.  I guess he just wanted to save himself five minutes.  Lucky me.

I’ve also started leveling up my Leatherworking profession, mostly because my bank was full of leather that I’ve skinned since I started this character and I needed to free up space.  It didn’t take me long to realize that once again I can potentially profit off other peoples laziness.  I was short a stack of Heavy Leather so I checked the auction house and it was selling for 38 gold for a stack.  That seemed insane to me.  I took a quick trip to Dustwallow Marsh and started killing and skinning everything I saw in the Wyrmbog area.  Not long after, I had all the the heavy leather I needed (and more) along with seven pieces of Heavy Hide and five pieces of Thick Hide.  The Heavy and Thick Hides also sell for crazy amounts on my server.  A stack of ten Heavy Hide is listed at 100 gold on the auction house.  I would guess I could have a stack in less than an hours time, maybe slightly more.

My adventure leveling may take a bit of a hit over the next few days as I try to farm and sell all this stuff.

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