Now What?

My Mage hit level 80 last night in World of Warcraft, marking the first time that I’ve had more than one character at the level cap since I started playing MMOs.

I haven’t been playing my computer much these days, contributing to the complete lack of updates to this site, but I’ve been pecking away at my Mage’s levelling here and there.  The climb from 75 to 80 actually took much longer and felt more grindy than I had remembered with my first character; all those Northrend quests start to blend into each other and feel the same the more you do.  Last night though, thanks to a friend playing his level 80 Paladin, I whipped through a bunch of quests and did a couple of Argent Tournament events and finished off the final three-quarters needed to hit 80.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do now though.  I think for a little while I’ll try to gear up as much as I can, but I can see that getting old for me really fast.  I could also try going back to my 80 Shaman who’s been neglected ever since I started playing the Mage, but I’d be doing the same thing: grinding for gear.  I’ve never levelled a Horde character… but do I really want to do that now?

Cataclysm needs to hurry up and get here.

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