That’s What

To answer my own question of “Now What?“, I have given my freshly level-capped Frost Mage the cold shoulder and started a new character, this time an Orc Warrior.

The highest that I’ve leveled a Horde character is 23, so I haven’t seen a whole lot of the Horde side of the game, and I suppose with the Cataclysm coming soon, this will be my last chance to see the “old world” from the Horde perspective.  I’m guessing I’ll have about two months before Cataclysm comes out, so I don’t think I’ll get too far with this Warrior before I’m re-rolling yet again to see the Cataclysm stuff.

This new character of mine is level 17 as of this writing.  I’m actually on vacation at the moment, visiting with my sister, and in what must count as one of the saddest things I’ve done in a while, I downloaded the WoW client to her MacBook Pro within minutes of arriving here.  Like a junkie I just need my fix.  My excuse is that I’m an early riser and I’ve been able to play while waiting for everyone else to wake up.

The hardest part has been playing without a mouse, using only the touchpad.  That has taken some getting used to.  I’ll be back home in just a couple of days however, where I will eagerly await the arrival of my new PC.  I ordered an Alienware from Dell and the tracking information tells me it should be arriving the day after I get home.  WoW may actually take a back seat once the PC arrives, as I’ve been wanting to play Dragon Age for some time, but couldn’t bring myself to do it on my aging PC.  There are a few other games in my pile that I’ll be looking to check out on the new hardware as well.  Should be fun.

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