StarCraft II – First Impressions

I’ve now completed seven missions of the StarCraft II campaign and I’m impressed.

I’m not typically a fan of Real Time Strategy games, and I was even on the fence as to whether I’d get StarCraft II or not. The last RTS that I really enjoyed was Company of Heroes, but that was strictly multiplayer; I still have yet to play the campaign in that game. The last RTS that I played through to completion was the original Dawn of War. Prior to that, it was probably the original StarCraft, although I never played through Brood Wars. My favourite RTS of all time is probably Total Annihilation, but again, that was mostly multiplayer.

The main problem I had with RTS games was that they all felt more or less the same. Gather resources, build up your base, build your forces, and then send them out to get the bad guys. StarCraft II however, has shown enough variety in the few missions that I’ve played so far to make it feel different from all the games that came before it.

The first mission I came across that got my attention was Outbreak, where the Zerg would attack your base at night and then disappear during the day, at which point you could run out and destroy as many of their buildings as you could before night fell again and had to brace yourself for their attack.

The other mission that I’ve really enjoyed is The Great Train Robbery, which tasks you with stopping trains that travel across the map at different intervals. It kept me on my toes for sure.

The game has thus far lived up to its hype for me, and more importantly, has kept this RTS non-fan eager to keep going.

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  1. I used to spend time entertaining myself with StarCraft:BroodWar in the past, although work and family takes most of my time these days. I’ve been looking forward to SC2 ever since they announced the sequel. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to play, but I already have the client downloaded.
    Would you say it’s comparable to BroodWar in the quality of gameplay in general?

  2. I never played Brood War actually; I stopped after the original campaign, so I can’t answer your question directly. I can say though that I have thoroughly enjoyed the campaign in SC2 thus far. I’m now just over half way through and there hasn’t been a single mission that I haven’t liked.

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