The Sundering

I started the draft of this post two weeks ago on the 28th of November.  I was going to talk about my impressions of The Sundering event in World of Warcraft but of course, that’s crazy old news now and much has happened since.  Since our newest addition to the family arrived on September 30th, I’ve been on my computer exactly three times, each time to get a little bit of WoW in while the kids slept.  So given the complete lack of free time that I have these days, I haven’t seen a whole lot of the new Azeroth as of yet.

I did bring my Mage over to Vashj’ir and did enough quests there to ding 81, and I’m still undecided as to how I feel about the underwater zone.   The quests have been fairly routine, which is just about what I expected, but aside from that the zone itself seems too busy.  It’s so colourful and full of “stuff” floating around and moving about; and with the flood of players in the zone these days the respawn rates of the mobs is insane.  It seems I can’t take two steps without having to fight something.

I’ll probably stick with leveling the Mage until he’s 85 and then get back to leveling my Warrior who currently sits at 61.  After that, I’ll likely roll a goblin to check out all the new old world stuff.  Provided I get some free time of course.

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