Slowly Going Digital

While I still prefer to buy boxed copies of my PC games, I’m starting to really like the Steam platform and digital distribution.

I’m in the midst of cleaning up my computer room, also known as my “man cave”, the place where my wife dare not go. Its become a dumping ground over the past few years for all of my crap: books, action figures, Star Wars toys, Warhammer stuff, Dungeons and Dragons stuff… all the junk a typical nerd picks up over the years.

The closet in my computer room is full of all the boxes from all the games I’ve purchased over the years, and these are in addition to the boxes that I’ve shoved into our crawl space from my last clean up. For whatever reason I can’t throw them out, but this clean up project I’ve started has got me thinking that it’s time I send those boxes to the recycling depot. With digital distribution, I don’t have to worry about that stuff. The boxes used to be nice when they actually contained printed manuals, cloth maps, and other goodies in them, but those days appear to be over. I don’t see the point of a box if it’s just going to contain a paper sleeve to hold the DVD.

The other benefit to digital is no longer having to have the DVD in the drive. Call me lazy if you wish, but the other day I went to load up Oblivion and when it told me I needed the DVD in the drive I said “screw it” and played something else. The DVD was literally two feet away, but I couldn’t be bothered.

I picked up another two games on the last day of the holiday Steam sale, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition. I was happy to see Amnesia put back on sale, as I had regretted passing it over the first time it was on sale a few days previous.   This leads me to yet another advantage to digital purchases… there’s no physical evidence of the growing pile of games that I’ve purchased and have yet to play.

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