Subscribed to EverQuest II

This past week I subscribed to EverQuest II again… but not really.  I was actually away on vacation when I decided to check my email.  There in my inbox was a message from Sony Online Entertainment thanking me for my recent purchase of an EverQuest II subscription.  I thought it a little strange, given that I made no such purchase, and really have no interest in playing EQII again outside of occasionally dabbling in the free to play EQII: Extended.

I logged in to my SOE account to check it out.  I saw that my EQII subscription was now active.  I checked the credit cards associated with my account.  It listed my old card which expired back in August of last year, and another card which did not belong to me, but some other fellow in Hartford, CT with the same first and last names as me.  Figuring that something was screwed up with SOE’s back end I opened up a support ticket and explained the situation.

The reply came back the next day that the account was compromised and was now banned pending their investigation.  Over the next few days I responded to various verification questions and my account is active again, so I’m now able to log in to EQII should I choose to do so.

There’s something I find weird though…  If the account was indeed hacked, why wouldn’t they have changed the password on it along with the email address?  If the email address had been changed first, I would never have been made aware that the subscription was purchased.  I would have thought those two things would be standard account hacking procedure.  Furthermore, why would the hacker add a credit card to the account?  Wouldn’t they prefer to hack an account that had an active credit card associated with it, rather than my useless, expired card?  Also, would the hacker really take the time to associate a credit card with a matching first and last name to the account?  I doubt it… which leaves me still convinced that the account wasn’t actually hacked, but some other guy out there from Hartford with the same name as me created an SOE account which somehow piggy bagged on to my existing account.

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