Another World Saved

Most of my free time this weekend, which wasn’t very much actually, was spent playing Dragon Quest IX on my DS.  It was fairly obvious that I was near the end; the story had me hooked and I was quite eager to see how things would unfold.

It’s been a while since I’ve been engrossed enough in a game to the point where I couldn’t put it down, as opposed to finishing a game just to get it over with already.  DQIX has earned a place among my favourite console-style RPGs, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy III (VI, if you’re from Japan).

Without spoiling anything, I really liked how the story played out. It was really well done. As an added bonus, the game doesn’t really end either.  Once the credits finish rolling you’re dropped back into the world, free to continue your adventures. There are hidden grottoes sprinkled throughout that require a treasure map to find. So far I’ve found three, and each subsequent grotto increases in difficulty.  I’ll likely take a break from playing the game exclusively, but I’ll definitely pop in now and then to get a fix.

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