Quick Little Up-diddly-ate

I continue to migrate further away from World of Warcraft, my time with that game clearly approaching another break.  I logged in for a bit the other night but quickly found myself bored out of my skull so I logged out.  I’d still like to force myself to 85 (I’m currently a quarter of the way through 83) before un-subscribing, but I’m really finding it a chore to play these days.

I’ve been having a lot of fun on my Xbox 360, particularly with Halo 3 ODST which I just completed last night.  I’ve had the game in my inventory for quite some time now but never really played with it beyond a few minutes here and there.  That changed a couple weeks ago when I gave it a solid chunk of time and I got hooked into the story.  I ended up really enjoying it, and found myself loading it up whenever I had some free time.  Now that I’ve finished ODST I can finally crack open my copy of Halo Reach, which I’m really looking forward to trying, but in all likelihood  I’ll be taking a quick break from the Halo universe to tackle one of the many other games awaiting my time.

Right now I’m trying to decide between Torchlight, Titan’s Quest, and Darksiders.  I’m the furthest along in Titan’s Quest, so that’s sort of how I’m leaning right now, but I can only take that game in short bursts.  I do want to finish it though.  Darksiders is really calling out to me though, so we’ll see.

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