Sony… *sigh*

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my EverQuest II account being “compromised”. I thought the whole situation was very weird, and didn’t believe for a second that the problem originated on my end. I’m extremely confident in the security of my PCs. They’re all behind a hardware firewall, all have up-to-date virus scanning software installed, and I don’t visit the types of sites one would typically associate with viruses or spyware. With the recent news of the PlayStation Network being compromised, and now the admission that the SOE side of things was hacked as well, I’m going to assume that my account being “compromised” was related to these hacks, all the way back in January.

This whole situation is kind of scary actually. I’m fortunate enough not to be a part of PSN, and the credit card I had associated with SOE has long since expired, but there are millions of accounts that weren’t as fortunate. I’ve even recently been toying with the idea of re-subscribing to Vanguard to try it out again, but I most definitely won’t be doing that now.

What an absolute embarrassment for Sony.

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