Many, many years ago I used to take weekly trips to Office Depot because they had a nice little bargain bin filled with some pretty good cheap PC games.  It was always fun to go there to see if any gems had been added to the pile. Last week I noticed that Office Depot had a “store closing” sale and I popped in to check it out; not to search for games of course, as the bargain bin disappeared over a decade ago.

Browsing through stores looking for PC games has gotten fairly depressing these past few years as PC game sections have continued to shrink in size.  Best Buy and Futureshop are the best bets; they still have a decent selection, mostly comprised of newer titles. Gamestop is not an option for PC games at all, unless you’re looking for Blizzard titles.

It should be no secret to anyone that in the PC gaming world at least, the digital services are replacing (or have already replaced) the brick and mortar stores. I still prefer being able to physically stroll down the aisle of a store and checking out the backs of the game boxes, but during this past year I finally joined the rest of the world and have started to purchase more games off Steam.  I’m certainly aware of the other services out there, like Impulse, and Direct2Drive, but I’ve had my Steam account since Half-Life 2 and don’t really want to bother with another account for another service. I have a feeling however, that that’s about to change.

I checked out Good Old Games for the first time today and it immediately brought back the feeling of visiting the Office Depot bargain bin from so long ago. I managed to restrain myself today, but I’ve got my eye on a few titles which I’m sure I’ll end up getting in the not too distant future.  Titles like Planescape: Torment, The Temple of Elemental Evil, and Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

I’ve wanted to play Planescape for some time now; it routinely appears on “best CRPG ever” lists, so seeing it available for just $10 is pretty exciting. I almost bought it on the spot, but then I remembered the huge pile of un-played games that I already have, particularly Baldur’s Gate II, which I’ve been meaning to play for some time now.  So my new vow, proclaimed after once again installing Baldur’s Gate II, is to not purchase Planescape, or anything else off of Good Old Games, until I’ve finally finished Baldur’s Gate II.

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