Continuing Crysis

I finished Crysis the other day and have already started up the expansion, Warhead. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a first person shooter enough to play it all the way through, but I really enjoyed Crysis. I have a feeling however, that once I’m done with Warhead I’ll be ready to leave the Crysis world behind.

Speaking of first person shooters, I fired up the Duke Nukem Forever demo (pictured) and played through the first level real quick. First of all, I can’t believe this game is actually coming out after so many years. Secondly, the level I played seemed cool enough. Obviously I can’t judge the game based off of two minutes of play time, but I was a little bit turned off at the fact that you can pick up a log of feces and throw it around, leaving streaks upon the walls. Really? Is that necessary? I’m still interested in the game though, and will likely pick it up when it comes out, more for nostalgic reasons than anything else I think.

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