Top of the World

I have completed the tower I began constructing as outlined in my post from yesterday. The picture above shows the tower at night as viewed from across the bridge spanning the chasm between two peaks. I ended up mining quite a bit of cobblestone for this project, and while doing so last night, got side-tracked again as I stumbled upon a naturally formed cavern which branched off from the quarry that I’ve been digging. I’m continually amazed at how deep this game can be (literally).

This second screenshot shows the completed tower from about half way down the opposite peak. The building in the foreground was where I was originally going to build a house until I decided to construct the bridge, followed by the tower. Just below the bridge on the tower side, you can see a balcony that I created by digging down from the base of the tower and out the side of the mountain. I may eventually extend the balcony over to another peak off in the distance, but I have a couple other projects in mind first.

Finally, this is the view from the top, and when i say top, I mean it. I cannot build any higher than this, the game won’t let me put down any more blocks. So now that I’ve gone to the top, I’m going to head to the bottom, and dig down as far as the game will let me. My understanding is that there are a few layers of bedrock which signify the bottom of the world. While digging down there I hope to come across a bunch of iron so that I can connect my tower to my original home with a mine cart rail.

I am loving this game.

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