A State of Things

I’ve been finding it difficult to come up with something to write about here for some time now. I haven’t really been spending a lot of time playing games these past few months, at least, not games that are worthy of writing about. I’ve certainly purchased my fair share of new games, thanks to Steam’s various sales, but most of my purchases haven’t even been launched once since their purchase. In my last blog update, back on September 14, 2011, I urged readers to check out Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon. I bought that game on the day of its release and have yet to play it. It’s shameful really, because I really do want to get into it.

Now and then I have been playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in short bursts, and what I’ve seen and done is absolutely fantastic. I love the game. Actually, it’s not even the game so much as opposed to the world that has been created. Aside from being nice to look at, more than any other game I’ve ever played, it feels like a real living, breathing place. Oblivion was nice looking, but its never-ending forests got a little repetitive. That’s not to mention its main quest as well; those damn Oblivion gates got flippin’ annoying.

I’m not very far into the main story of Skyrim, having just visited the Greybeards for the first time, but it seems pretty good so far. The problem I’m having getting anything done in the game is that I keep getting sidetracked. There always seems to be something interesting just on the horizon that I just have to check out.

I’m playing as a Nord fighter, fighting with a one-handed weapon (currently a mace) and shield. I’m also working on my archery, something I’ve never spent much time with in any of the Elder Scrolls games. I must say, it’s extremely satisfying killing a foe from a distance as he’s running towards you, sword in hand.

I’m “only” about 18 hours into the game at the moment, and I can’t see my interest in it waning any time soon.

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