Mission Impossible

To Speak as a DragonLast night, Elrahir completed the Draconic language quest, To Speak as a Dragon.  The Draconic language is required for a few of the larger quest lines, most notably the Prismatic Weapon series of the original EverQuest II, and the Claymore series of Kingdom of Sky.  Unlike the majority of other language quests in the game, this quest is hard, and I would say as close to impossible as you could get.  That is unless you make use of sites like the EverQuest II Wiki or Allakhazam’s.

I first completed this quest when I was probably around level 60 with Davyydeous, and was 57 while doing it with Elrahir.  I could only imagine what this quest was like when EQII first launched and the level cap was 50.  First of all you needed to enter the Maiden’s Gulch raid instance and defeat Vyr’drais the Vicious, a 51^^^ Epic x2 just to speak with the Sage of Ages to get the quest.  This of course would be after slogging your way through Lavastorm to get there, which can be tough enough for level 50 characters, especially back then.

Next up on the quest of pain, would be making your way through Solusek’s Eye.  Personally, I love this zone, but only once I’ve out-leveled the mobs so that they’re no longer aggro.  When you actually have to fight your way down to the bottom, again remembering that level 50 was the cap and there weren’t any teleporters, Sol’s Eye is akin to having your finger nails ripped out one by one, drawn out over a period of three hours.

Finally, after reaching the bottom of Sol’s Eye, and speaking to Majordomo Inferinus, the real hard part of the quest starts.  You now must travel throughout the lands of Norrath searching for 26 runes.  You get no hint as to where they may be, no help at all, just the name of the runes, which also offers no clues as to the whereabouts.  Now, these aren’t big, huge, obvious looking things, rather, some are books, some scrolls, all tucked away in unassuming parts of Norrath.  I pity the poor souls who tried doing this quest without having a list of their locations available to them, because some of them are in spots I would never, ever, think to look.

Fortunately for me, I used the EverQuest II Wiki, and as a result, Elrahir is able to speak Draconic after a few short hours of questing.  There were mobs still aggro to me in Sol’s Eye, so I brought my wife’s level 70 character along for the ride along with another 70 friend and we whipped through the zone pain free.  Same for the Obelisk of Lost Souls and Permafrost, although Permafrost had a level 54^^^ Epic x2 sitting on top of one of the runes I needed.  To all those who actually did this quest without guidance, if there are any of you, I salute you!

70 Tailor

70 TailorElrahir, my Mystic alt, finished off his tradeskilling by dinging 70 as a tailor.  It’s weird, because it wasn’t something I was really striving to achieve with this character.  Unlike my armourer, with whom I consciously ground my way to 70 through much pain and suffering, my tailor just sort of happened.  I suppose it helped that my wife and I were both levelling characters that wore cloth and leather armour which gave me a reason to continue crafting.  Aside from that though, the other week I noticed I was sitting at level 62 and it sort of took me by surprise.  I started doing the tradeskill writs and the final few levels flew by.  As an added bonus, I’ve found a few of the things I can make as a tailor do well on the broker.

As for his adventure levels, Elrahir is currently sitting three percent away from level 57.  There’s no way I’ll get him to 70 before Rise of Kunark, in fact, I doubt I’ll get him to 60, but I’m having fun playing the healer role regardless.  I’ve seen a lot of talk that the 50-60 level progression is the worst grind, but it hasn’t been too bad for me.  I’ve done a lot of the heritage quests for that level range, in addition to the solo questing timelines in Steamfont, Sinking Sands and now Lesser Faydark.  The biggest source fo my experience though has come from doing the lore and legend quests.  Some of them can be a real pain, waiting for the item you need to drop, but they’re worth it in the end.

Elrahir Rising

Wow, was my last update really back on October 2nd?  I swear, nothing makes the days go by faster than having a blog.  Truth be told though, that I’ve stepped back from EverQuest II a little bit lately.  It’s something I find I need to do from time to time.  I gave some of my other games some love, such as Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 of course, and I’m starting to get back into Oblivion a bit more.  As Rise of Kunark approaches however, I’m getting back into the world of Norrath, focusing mainly on my Mystic Elrahir who recently made level 50.

I’ve actually been having fun doing some of the level-appropriate heritage quests with Elrahir.  Last night alone I finished off An Eye for Power and the Teachings of Yoru.  My how times have changed.  When I did Eye for Power with Davyydeous, I camped the four shards at the beginning of the quest for an insane amount of time.  I remember I was off work one day and camped the blue one in particular for a solid six hours.  That’s not an exaggeration, that’s what I did with my day off, and if anything, six hours is an under-estimation.  Then to top that all off, I did the quest with my wife’s character as well, because she can’t stand camping things, she always wants to be on the move.  Of course, at that time the shards could be harvested only once, then they disappeared and you had to wait for them to respawn again.  It was a nightmare.  Thankfully it’s different now, and more than one group member can harvest the shards, and I was able to gather all four within an hour.  Hey, I’m all for making people work for things, but there’s a difference between making you work for something and just subjecting you to a torturous pain in the ass.

The next part of An Eye for Power has you kill some heroic named mobs.  The first two, Bloodrage and Numbfoot went smoothly.  They spawned relatively quickly.  The last, Icegill, took some camping and I wiped on my first pull (I was two boxing my wife’s 70 Wizard mentored to Elrahir) when as luck would have it my best friend forever (BFF!) logged in with his ultra uber Shadowknight and came out to Everfrost to dispose of Icegill.  The rest of the quest was a walk in the park.

I then went on to finish off the Teachings of Yoru.  The funny thing about this one was that I thought I had already completed it.  The other night a guildy working on that very quest asked for some healing help while he tried to take out the four spirits needed.  I came along and helped him kill the four spirits, and when we headed back to Cythan for his final confrontation, I noticed he had the quest update book and feather floating above his head.  Crap.  I was literally just one step and five minutes worth of work away from the very part I had just helped the guildy through.  Oh well.  So I quickly whipped through that quest last night, again with the Wizzy’s help and Elrahir now has a nice little belt around his waist.

At this very moment, on my other computer I’ve got Elrahir logged in and I’m headed off to Deathfist Citadel to finish off Emperor Fyst to complete the Training is a Sheild heritage quest.  Doing these quests has netted some decent experience still, not to mention some AA’s.  I have no delusions of getting Elrahir to 70 before RoK is out, but that’s fine because I’m just having fun doing these older quests.  That may change when I get to work on To Speak as a Dragon though…. we’ll see.

Lots of Adventuring

It’s been a busy past few days in-game.  Davyydeous went on his first raid with the new guild, hitting up the Halls of the Seeing.  This was my first time in this zone and I quite enjoyed it despite our inability to clear it.  We were missing a number of key raid members and were low on healers but decided to give it a go regardless.  It was actually going fairly smoothly until we met our match in the Elemental Warder.  We just didn’t have the healers or the DPS to finish him off despite coming quite close a number of times.  I have to say it was quite refreshing to be on a raid where we really had to be on our toes, and were actually challenged.  I found a lot of raids I went on with my old guild had become too routine, not very challenging, and ultimately not incredibly fun.  Anyway, the experience was a good one, and I’m looking forward to settling in a bit more with the new guild.

After what seemed like a million runs through Obelisk of Blight (probably more like nine or ten), Davyydeous finally got his class boots, Strongbear’s Steelskin Feet. I’m embarrassed to say that Davyydeous had been wearing Xegonite mastercrafted up until now.  It was the worst piece of gear I had and I’m quite happy to replace it.

Ordeth in the meantime, joined a group in Klak’Anon and ended up getting a nice robe, the Clockwork Spidersilk Robe.  I’ve really come to like Klak’Anon and will probably be spending a good chunk of the next little while in there with Ordeth.

Finally, as mentioned previously, my Mystic Elrahir has been getting more and more attention from me as of late.  He’s now level 47, close to dinging 48, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of his Maj’Dul carpet.  I finished off a number of Heritage Quests that had been sitting in his journal for some time which netted a fair amount of experience.  Elrahir also ventured into Klak’Anon in what was probably my first heavy duty healing experience with him.  Up until this point my healing has been restricted to the duo group I have with my wife’s Monk.  Needless to say I was a little nervous, especially as we went deeper into the zone and started running into mobs that were still red to me.  All in all I think I did quite well and we managed to avoid any major wipes.  The one big difference I noticed between Elrahir and Davyydeous is that I really had to pay attention when healing.  I couldn’t let my eyes wander at all.  Hmmm, maybe that’s not the class for me then. 😉

I also just noticed that I have access to the Legends of Norrath game within EverQuest II, so I’ll try to check that out real soon.  Hopefully I don’t get addicted to it and start buying boosters for it.

Character Profile: Elrahir

Level 44 High Elf Mystic
Level 38 Tailor
Status: Alt, Active

ElrahirElrahir was the third character I created, the first being Davyydeous, the second being a Paladin who I leveled to 37 and haven’t played in quite some time (and probably won’t play again), yet I just can’t bring myself to delete. After so much time playing plate-wearing fighters, Elrahir was born out of a desire to experience something different.

This was the first character that I really put some thought into. At the time, all I knew was that I wanted to try something other than a fighter, and was leaning towards a healer. I read up on all the healing classes in the game, both in the forums and in the games manual to see which class appealed to me the most. I immediately ruled out both the Fury and Defiler classes, as my friends (and frequent group mates) already had one of each. Of the remaining classes, I kept coming back to the Mystic.

What really appealed to me about the class was its use of wards to prevent damage from occurring in the first place, as opposed to simply healing the damage that had already been dealt, which the Mystic can also do. That, plus it can wear chain armour, so it can take a hit or too, which was important because I anticipated doing a fair amount of soloing with this character. Given that priest classes generally don’t solo as well as others, the early levels for me were a bit tough. I think I was so used to my plate fighters being able to take a fair amount of punishment, that it took a while for me to get accustomed to my more fragile healer. As I grew more comfortable with Elrahir, and got to know the class a little better, I developed a nice rhythm and was soon soloing fairly well. I found myself playing, and enjoying, Elrahir more each day, and even found the frequent tells asking if I could come heal for a group a refreshing change of pace from my fighters. For once it felt nice to play a class that groups needed.

I eventually leveled Elrahir up enough to start grouping with another of my wife’s alts, a Monk. We began duoing a lot, and have found this to be a very successful tandem. We recently entered the Sinking Sands to begin the Desert of Flames content, and the push to level 47 to begin the carpet quest has kept us focused on these particular characters. I now will only adventure with Elrahir if I’ve got my wife’s monk by his side.

As for his tradeskill, I’ve found Elrahir’s tailoring services to be in high demand, both from my Coercer alt, as well as my wife’s alts, the Monk and Warden. I’ve been leveling the tailoring skill quite steadily, outfitting our characters as I go. It’s been nice doing the tailoring with a purpose in mind, rather than just grinding through the levels. In general I find tailoring to be much less painful than Davyydeous’ Armourer tradeskill, as there seems to be more items to craft, be it leather armour, cloth armour, hex dolls, or bags.

As mentioned previously, my interest in Elrahir has been renewed as of late, which has lead to this character profile post. Also, with my wife and I pushing to get that carpet quest started, I can definitely see Elrahir getting a fair amount of playtime over the next little while. I anticipate his services will be in even more demand as the levels ding past, which will only serve to further increase his playtime. While not quite as fun as my Coercer, I’m still very happy with this character. There’s something very thrilling about being the one depended upon to keep the group alive and kicking. Just don’t blame me if we wipe… that’s the tanks fault. 🙂