Another World Saved

Most of my free time this weekend, which wasn’t very much actually, was spent playing Dragon Quest IX on my DS.  It was fairly obvious that I was near the end; the story had me hooked and I was quite eager to see how things would unfold.

It’s been a while since I’ve been engrossed enough in a game to the point where I couldn’t put it down, as opposed to finishing a game just to get it over with already.  DQIX has earned a place among my favourite console-style RPGs, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy III (VI, if you’re from Japan).

Without spoiling anything, I really liked how the story played out. It was really well done. As an added bonus, the game doesn’t really end either.  Once the credits finish rolling you’re dropped back into the world, free to continue your adventures. There are hidden grottoes sprinkled throughout that require a treasure map to find. So far I’ve found three, and each subsequent grotto increases in difficulty.  I’ll likely take a break from playing the game exclusively, but I’ll definitely pop in now and then to get a fix.

New Additions

My gaming world has been fairly stale recently, without much happening at all and not much to talk about. My wife and I had our second child recently so gaming has taken a backseat as a consequence. Those newborns… I tell ya, they just don’t take care of themselves!

I haven’t logged in to World of Warcraft in about three weeks. Well, actually I’ve logged in, I just haven’t played. I see that a big patch has gone live, changing all of the talent trees which kind of sucks because I had just gotten Titan’s Grip with my Warrior after reaching level 60. I outfitted him with a couple of decent two-handers and got rid of my one-handers; “not gonna need these any more!” I said…

…so I log in to re-do my talents only to discover that the changes mean I will not be able to regain Titan’s Grip for another nineteen levels… crap. Oh well. I actually like what I’ve seen of the talent changes and I’m looking forward to someday getting some time to play again. I’m told the dual spec cost has also been reduced to 100gp which means I can do a Prot spec in addition to my Fury spec, although I’m not sure I really want to venture into the world of tanking in this game.

Speaking of new additions, I recently purchased a Nintendo DS. I had some gift certificates lying around with nothing really to spend it on, so I figured what the heck. It’s actually come in very handy lately because of our new child. I can play in quick bursts here and there no matter where I am, so it’s been getting a fair amount of use. I’m actually playing an old GameBoy Advance game called Golden Sun that I’ve had for ages but never finished. I had the original GBA and it was awful to play due to the lack of a backlight, so it didn’t get a whole lot of use. I purchased a DS Lite specifically because it has a slot for GBA games and I’m now roughly half-way through the game (by my estimation after looking at a walkthrough), and it’s been pretty fun. I miss the old JRPG style games.

One of the reasons that put me on to the DS was the fact that Chrono Trigger was released on it; a game I’ve wanted to play since the Super Nintendo days. Of course, it’s nowhere to be found in stores any more, but it looks like I might have some luck on Amazon, so I may pick up a copy soon. I did purchase Dragon Quest IX though, which I’ll get to right after I’m done with Golden Sun.

Crazy… I’ve already got a backlog of games on my newly purchased DS to go along with the already huge backlog of games on PC and Xbox 360.