Screenshot Challenge 5: WotLK

I don’t remember officially announcing a topic or submission date for the weekly screenshot challenge, but I was receiving entries anyway, so here they are.  The theme turned out to be Wrath of the Lich King: any screenshot you want, as long as it’s from the new expansion.  Not all of the usual contributors have submitted entries (undoubtedly because the challenge was never announced), but I’ll add them if they get them in soon.  Feel free to leave any comments as to which are your favourites; I’m putting my early vote in for Kuarlos’ entry…

Anoco: Crystalsong Forest

Insect: Sholazar Basin

Ordeth: Dragon Riding in Coldarra

Kuarlos: Frostmourne…

Screenshot Challenge

Apparently inspired by the screenshot included with my Rollin’ With My Gnomey post, Joe emailed the following to our little group of friends:

I have an idea/project for everyone this long weekend. Seeing how awesome David is at taking screen shots lets all get the best screen shot you can of any of your toons. It doesn’t have to be an uber elite shot of your pimped out gear but rather cinematic, eye pleasing screen shot you can get. Photoshopping is acceptable but bad photoshopping might be judged negatively. We will all judge each others. Maybe we can post them on Timesink.  What does everyone think?

Everyone was quite enthused and below are the results, in no particular order.  If there are any you particularly like, feel free to leave a comment.  Click each picture for the full size.

1. Choo

2. Kuarlos (the little guy on the chair’s arm)

3. Anoco

4. Insect

5. My Gnome

I think I’ll make this screenshot challenge a weekly thing with a different theme each time.  Maybe weekly will prove to be too much, but we’ll give it a go.  I’ll propose the theme for next week will be Strictly Scenery.  Take a screenshot of what you think is an awesome scene as though you were a tourist in Azeroth.  The only rule will be that your character can’t be in the shot. Pictures are due by next Monday evening.