Waning Motivation

I’m writing this post on March 29, 2010.  I’m just three days away from telling my friends that I’ve been secretly playing World of Warcraft since January.

As I write this, my Mage is just half a bubble away from level 71 after doing just over half of the quests in Howling Fjord.  In a previous post I talked about how fast the leveling has been since hitting 58 and entering outland.  Since hitting 70 however, my progress seems to be moving at a snails pace.  I can feel my motivation waning as I turn in quest after quest.  I’m sure that part of it has to do with the fact that in relative terms, it wasn’t all that long ago that I quested through Howling Fjord on my main character.  I can remember each quest as I receive them, and it seems the further along I go, the more I’m saying to myself, “ugh, not this one”.     The Dungeon Finder hasn’t been much help either because after using it four times since level 70, each time it’s put me in Utgarde Keep, which I find to be a fairly boring dungeon.  I’m looking forward to finishing up the quests there and getting the heck out of dodge.  I’d really like to avoid Borean Tundra but I suspect I’ll head there for a level or two.

It’s funny though, because throughout this whole leveling process, I kept telling myself, “just get to Northrend, and everything will be gravy”, but now that I’m in Northrend, I’ve found it harder to motivate myself to continue.  The leveling pace seems to have taken a dramatic drop and I really miss seeing that experience bar quickly moving to towards the right of my screen.

Gotta Love Laziness

I’m writing this post on March 22, 2010.  I’ve secretly been playing World of Warcraft since January.  In just ten days I’ll be making it public that I’ve been playing.

I moved on to the Howling Fjord at level 68 as I had planned and quickly steamrolled my way to level 69.  A few more quests later along with a run through Utgarde Keep and I hit level 70.  I must say, it feels good to get there because I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Just ten more levels to go.

Aside from the levels, there are a few other goals I want to achieve which will serve as carrots to lead me on.  First of which is getting the gold necessary to purchase my artisan flying skill, followed cold weather flying.  The two of those will cost me 6000 gold, of which I currently have about 350.

Speaking of money, I made quite possibly the easiest 20 gold I’ve ever made in WoW.  While leveling my crafting skills in Ironforge I noticed a call in general chat from someone in Stormwind looking for a port to Theramore.  He was paying 20 gold.  I immediately grouped up with him, portaled to Stormwind, met up with him, collected my 20 gold, and opened the portal to Theramore.  This to me, was ridiculous.  I could understand if he was a low level character who wouldn’t otherwise survive the trip, but he was level 80.  Also, Theramore isn’t that far from Stormwind really.  Just take the tram to Ironforge then fly to Menethil Harbor.  Once there, Theramore is just a quick boat trip away.  I guess he just wanted to save himself five minutes.  Lucky me.

I’ve also started leveling up my Leatherworking profession, mostly because my bank was full of leather that I’ve skinned since I started this character and I needed to free up space.  It didn’t take me long to realize that once again I can potentially profit off other peoples laziness.  I was short a stack of Heavy Leather so I checked the auction house and it was selling for 38 gold for a stack.  That seemed insane to me.  I took a quick trip to Dustwallow Marsh and started killing and skinning everything I saw in the Wyrmbog area.  Not long after, I had all the the heavy leather I needed (and more) along with seven pieces of Heavy Hide and five pieces of Thick Hide.  The Heavy and Thick Hides also sell for crazy amounts on my server.  A stack of ten Heavy Hide is listed at 100 gold on the auction house.  I would guess I could have a stack in less than an hours time, maybe slightly more.

My adventure leveling may take a bit of a hit over the next few days as I try to farm and sell all this stuff.

Northrend Bound

I’m writing this post on March 16, 2010.  I’ve secretly been playing World of Warcraft since January.  It’s just the kind of thing that I do sometimes.

My Mage hit level 68 last night, a little behind the arbitrary schedule I had set up, but I’m happy all the same.  I plan on leaving Outland for Northrend right away after I finish up a few quests in Nagrand.  I had originally planned to quest in Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm because I never spent much time in those places during my first run through Outland, but the leveling has just been too fast.  I’ve done all the quests in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh, along with a few in Nagrand, and I’m now 68 after entering Outland ten levels ago.  That leaves four zones in Outland that I won’t even touch.  I really like Outland but I just want to level this Mage up as quickly as possible, so I’m off to Northrend.

I had a funny moment last night as I was turning in a quest at the Throne of the Elements in the northern part of Nagrand.  There are three friendly level 70 elites that hang around there that will attack anyone who initiates PvP.  I found that out the hard way a long time ago with my Shaman.  I tried attacking a Horde guy and the elites quickly came over and stomped me to death.  Last night a 65 Horde Priest had me targeted, and I just knew he was going to attack.  I happened to be standing right next to one of the elites and I knew that if he attacked me the elite would crush him, so I was really hoping the Priest would try something.  Sure enough, he threw some DOTs on me and right on cue, the elite ran over and one-shot him.  I ran over to his corpse and emoted a /LOL to rub it in a little.  The funny part is that I wasn’t paying attention to the DOTs on me and my health was inching ever closer to death.  I had just returned from killing a bunch of mobs so I wasn’t at full health to begin with.  I quickly went to drink a health potion but discovered that I was all out.  Crap.  I couldn’t use a bandage either as I had recently been bandaged.  Double crap.  There I was, laughing at this guy just as my health slowly ticks away.  I alternated my view between the DOT timer and my health, hoping beyond hope that I’d have enough health to outlast the DOT.

When the DOT ran out I was left with 2 health.  Phew.

Route 66

I’m writing this post on March 9, 2010.  My friends still don’t know that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again.  For some silly reason, that brings me joy.

I hit level 66 last night after running through the Underbog (thanks Dungeon Finder!) and finishing off a bunch of quests in Zangarmarsh.  I’m still very surprised at how fast the leveling process has been going since hitting Outland.  I first set foot in Outland with my Mage on February 16 at level 58.  Just 20 days later I’m level 66, which I’m sure is very slow for a lot of players, but given my limited play time, that’s crazy fast to me.  According to my archives, my Shaman entered Outland at level 58 on June 23rd, 2008.  44 days later he was 65, and then 22 days after that, he was 70.  In comparison, my Mage is flying through the levels.

The Dungeon Finder put me into a pretty good group for the Underbog, except for the healer who decided to just leave unannounced after the first boss.  We quickly got a new healer however, only to have him leave just a few minutes later, also without saying a word.  What the hell?  Finally, we got a third healer who stuck it out to the end and I got my Underbog achievement.  My DPS is slowly getting more powerful as I’m finding more and more that I have to watch my aggro.

I have the day off of work today and tomorrow and my plan is to hopefully reach level 68 by the end of the day tomorrow, but that’s looking like it’s not going to happen.  Today is server maintenance day and they’re scheduled to be down until 1:00pm my time, which will give me about an hour to play before I have to run off for a dentist appointment.  I can definitely see me hitting 67 without too much difficulty, and soon after that I’ll be off to Northrend.

Flying By

I’m writing this post on March 4, 2010.  My friends still don’t know that I’ve been playing World of Warcraft again.

When I logged in yesterday, my Mage was just a couple of bubbles away from level 63.  I quickly finished off a few quests and got the level.  I then realized that I also had enough gold to purchase my flying mount and picked that up immediately.  I had previously purchased the required riding skill a few days earlier which had left me without enough to get the mount.  I anticipate my questing going much smoother now, not that it’s been all that difficult, just a bit of a pain avoiding mobs that I don’t feel like fighting as I traverse my way to the next quest point.

After hitting 63 I queued up for a random dungeon and continued with my questing.  I noticed a Horde-shaped flying mount shadow on the ground near me, and sure enough, hovering way above me was a 63 Orc Warrior who had me targeted.  He came sweeping down and charged at me.  I was able to kite him fairly well, being frost specced and all, and it looked like I was going to kill him fairly easily… until I backed up into an elite guard standing in front of the Horde outpost of Falcon Watch.  That was the end of me.  As I was running back to my corpse my dungeon finder window popped up, saying it found a group for me.  I’m not sure what would happen if I entered the dungeon as a ghost, so I kept running to my corpse.  Fortunately I wasn’t too far away and I quickly revived and entered the dungeon.

I was put into a fairly decent group and we ripped through Slave Pens pretty quick.  By the end of the run I had gained a full half of my level.  We all decided to stick together and run another random dungeon.  This time we were put into Mana Tombs, and again we were doing well until the last boss.  We wiped on Nexus-Prince Shaffar and for whatever reason, three of the five group members dropped group without word.  I couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t attempt him again, but oh well.  At that point I was just two bubbles away from level 64.

I quickly rattled off a few more quests and got my level.  All in all, it took a total of roughly two hours to gain that entire level.  Things are going fast, and I’m liking it.  Level 64 already and I’m not even out of the first area of Outland yet.  I have two days off of work next week and yes, I plan on gaming as much as possible on those days.  If all goes well, including any play time this weekend, hopefully I’ll be heading to Northrend soon.