Getting it done.

My new sword: Sedition!Since leaving raiding my productivity in game has been awesome.

This weekend I finally finished my Shadow Knight epic weapon quest. I wasn’t planning on doing this quest but the opportunity to do Maiden’s Chamber came up.

I have been working on an alt lately, a Troubador, and have been stuck at lvl 74 for what seems forever. While questing in Kunzar Jungle a call came up from a guildie for a Crypt of Agony run. At level 74 the XP was pretty good, and after not screwing up at all I was asked to continue onto Maiden’s Chamber. The Discovery XP alone was awesome and I soon dinged 75. Drusella, the main boss, was too much for the group and I brought Warghoul in the tank the final encounter. I got the update for my epic weapon for killing the boss and quickly organized a Vaults run. Another update down. One named away from finishing, I convinced the group to come to Neriak with me to complete this quest that had taken me over 4 months to complete.

My new sword: Sedition!After a cool encounter with a giant Shadow Knight I found my sword under the bed of the Princess in the Royal Palace.

I quickly adorned “Sedition” with a 3% chance to block and I’ve been slicing though mobs ever since. To test the power of my newly acquired weapon I decided to progress on yet another epic line of quests to get the Fabled “Band of Thuuga”.

I put the Troubador on auto follow along with a Defiler and have powered through this quest. In 1 day I am on the last couple of steps from a really cool item for each of my toons. If there are any SKs out there that read this and have not got your epic weapon yet I urge you to make this a priority. Aggro issues have gone down tenfold. It’s really easy to get aggro control now on mobs and the DPS I’m putting out is unreal. I can only imagine what the fabled version of this can do.

Kind of makes me want to get back into raiding just to see how I parse.

Life after raiding

GuildlessAfter much debate my wife and I have quit our raiding guild. We have been thinking of doing this for a long time but it had come time for us to leave. One of the reasons was that raiding was becoming another job for us. We had a boss getting on our cases; raid leader, and had a time table to follow and evenings to commit. When we realized that we just weren’t enjoying it anymore we decided to give our 1 week notice, LOL, and leave. We also found that we had no desire to log in to play just by our selves or do grouping. We hadn’t even thought about finishing our epic weapon quests or many of the other quest lines.

To tell the truth it was quite hard leaving. We had unspent DKP, just wanted that one last piece of loot that would set us up, just wanted one more boss kill to finish a quest. It was like quitting a drug habit. The hardest part was the friends we left. After we left the raiding guild we went down into the alt guild. Everyone was still there most of the time but when raid time came everyone cleared out and there we were alone with nothing to do. At least that’s how it felt the first week. I believe that was our detox period. Can you tell I’ve been watching Celebrity Rehab?

Spirit worldMy first order of business was to get my wife’s Defiler her epic. In one day we got pick up groups from guidies and whoever could help out. Mainly we duod most of the quest line, realizing the difference raid gear made in everyday questing, things came to us quite easy. We finished the majority of the quest and left Maiden’s Chamber to return to the next day. We logged in the next evening to find that a guild group was about to kill the last boss. After much eyelash batting on my wife’s part she was swapped in and easily got the quest update.

All that remained was the final psychedelic portion where we entered a dream world. This was the most unique instance I have so far done in EQ2. Basically it was a small instance based off the Shard of Fear, except everything was in a sick shade of yellow and swooped and swerved. Using 4 people in the group we easily defeated the encounter and we got the epic weapon, Dream Scorcher.

Xalgoz vs WarghoulMy second order of business is to get Warghoul’s Shadow Knight Epic. Yesterday I assembled a group and quickly dispatched Karnor’s Castle. Our group got some nice loot, Drolvarg Lore & Legend book, 2 got their level up to 76, and finished by completing the ring event to kill Xalgoz in the basement. I then dragged my group to Teren’s Grasp to kill a named and then convinced our group to head to The Shard of Fear. After quickly burning though the instance my guildies were called to raid and my wife and I logged out of the game to enjoy the rest of our evening out of game. I have 2 instances to complete and 1 named to kill in Neriak.

Shard of FearIt seems leaving the raiding guild has been quite productive for us. I can totally see us leaving the alt guild due to the temptation to ask to come back into raiding. That coupled with the fact that the alt guild is quite lonely at times. Maybe I think it’s lonely because I wasn’t hearing people being berated in Ventrillo during a raid, or being the center of some server drama caused by over zealous guildmates. I can definatly say though that EQ2’s volume has been significantly turned down. We are also thinking checking out some different games. Age of Conan looks kind of cool. At least now I don’t feel I’m letting others down for not showing up to play.

Epic struggle for an Epic

ChelsithHow many readers of Timesink who play EQ2 have their Epic weapon? If you aren’t complete where are you in your questing progress?

I confess I am not as far as I should be. Should be? I mean up to date with the rest of my guild. My wife and I are well behind the curve with the rest of our guild. In fact I may be mistaken but we are the only 2 that don’t have them.

When they were initially released there was a mad push by most in our guild. Most times I logged in I was immediately asked to tank a heroic instance for one of my guildies to advance their progress. I always obliged and unfortunately neglected the progress of my own quest. My wife being a Defiler had an initially bugged quest that needed to be patched and then had to go into the deepest reaches of Seblis to get an update. It was tough going and it soured our desires to continue on the quest for sometime especially when a few steps included grinding faction in mind numbing repeating quests.

Chelsith PanoramaLately our desire has returned to continue on slowly but surely. A very pleasant surprise was when we both got to a point when we needed an update in Chelsith. I knew nothing about this zone as my questing had never took me to this instance before. Chelsith is the lost underwater city of the Yah – Lei, a fish-man race. The whole zone radiates a green glow and stuff oozes and slimes everywhere. Almost all the architecture resembles some sort of genetalia and is prime for poopie jokes.

I have to say this is now my favorite instance to run. The design is just beautiful. It’s a tough zone, and you need a pretty competent group to get through it. With my patented “Bull in a china shop” method of tanking an Illusionist makes my life pretty sweet when I grow impatient and accidentally pull an extra mob.

Die Fish-Man!I hope the screen shots I took do this zone justice.

This weekend I will continue on my quest for my Epic weapon. I have to hit Kanor’s Castle. I’m not really looking forward to it to tell the truth. It’s not one of my favorite zones. My “fondest” memory of it was when a innocent group of mere level 73-ishs decided to check it out for the first time. After about 23 wipes in the front foyer we decided to call it a night.

The Incident

Saturday night grouping was interrupted by a call to the guild that our Raid Force was setting up for a pull. The intended target was a contested mob, Dominus Atrebe The Architect of Life Level 83 ^^^ X4 Epic, in Kylong Plains.

GMs stop the fight.Our raid force assembled with astonishing speed, something that I have never witnessed before, and within 5 minutes we were approaching our target. Next thing we knew, a charmed Sathirian was charging toward the mob and stole it from under us.

24 stunned people followed Dominus to a set of ruins and displayed a locked icon above his name. Set in the ruins a lone Wizard and Coercer had the mob engaged in battle. Dominus was placed on one side of the ruined wall while the Wizard did AoE damage. The Coercer keeps the mob stunned and stifled to prevent Dominus from casting while charming lesser mobs in the area to beat on it. The Wizard was protected by line of sight by the wall from the epic mob’s nukes and the pathing script that the developers put into place rooted Dominus in place. Very slowly but surely the mobs strength was decreasing.

After 15 minutes into the battle the mob is was at 98% health.

In frustration guild members began to train mobs on to the Wizard while others put in petitions for exploiting and for disrupting the zone. I just sat in awe of how these 2 were taking down a mob meant for a full raid force.

I had all but figured the raid was lost and grew bored of the whole situation. That was until a GM popped into the scene. And then another GM. And then 2 more. I had never even seen a GM in game before and here were 4 of them.

Dominus was insta-killed and the Wizard and Coercer were frozen. After not too long the Wizard and Coercer duo went link dead and I later learned that they had received a 7 day ban for exploiting. I also learned that the 2 players were actually being played by the same person.

The GMs then reset the Dominus and we promptly killed it, getting mediocre loot.

This issue caused a lot of controversy on our server. If you actually want names and places it’s really easy to track down on EQ2Flames. As of writing this it’s up to 20 pages.

A number of arguments came to light.

My view on this matter is: It’s a contested mob. This is all fair. If the player that pulled this off did it by following the rules that Sony put in place, the more power to him. I do not think that this was worthy of a ban. Sure I was miffed that we got a mob pulled away from us by a group of 2, but that is the nature of contested mobs. How sweet would it have been if this guy had been camped for a week waiting for Dominus and we came along and pulled it from him.

Most in my guild thought justice was served that he got banned. They were vocal about it too. Too vocal in my opinion. They brought our guild into yet another drama on EQ2Flames and most on the server were in support of the banned player. The server channel was full of comments for almost 2 hours after the incident. I logged in the next morning and someone gave me the bird just because I had a guild tag over my name.

I totally support my guild and generally stick up for them but in this scenario the “Pirate” in me just loves the way we were owned. It’s part of the game. Contested = contest.

Linkdead.I wonder if the general population would have been on our side if the Wizard and Coercer were a known plat farmer? Do you think that attitudes would have been different if the duo were not from a highly respected uber guild? He is also the second most richest person in EQ2 worldwide. How is he better than the plat farmers who ninja loots or steals named mobs just to sell the drops for plat. Yes I realize he is not taking real money for the plat but he is taking away an opportunity for those that have never killed an epic mob before.

The player involved has also been involved in past exploiting, details in which I am not familiar with. Perhaps his ban was due to his past activity. My last question was why is he wasting his time on this mob designated for casual guilds? The guys and girls in his guild are routinely killing stuff I only dream of seeing. I know I wouldn’t be slumming in Kylong Plains if I had experienced the things he has experienced in the game.

Set up for drama

All by myself.What is a “proper” raid set up? Is it the perfect mix of classes, the mix of friends, making sure everyone is included, or making sure everyone in the guild is rotated fairly? If the former, there are countless threads with facts and opinions on EQ2Flames and other sites on the perfect class combination. If the later, what is fair?
I would hate to be a raid leader who has to decide who sits and who raids. The sole reason I raid nowadays is because my wife plays geared out Defiler. The only Defiler in the guild. Our guild is couples oriented where most of the people who play are husband and wife. Our raid leader often feels obligated to let the couples play together on raids otherwise giving those who would normally sit a raid spot.
Fact: Sony made Shadowknights the least desirable class to have on raids.
Fact: We have 2 SKs in our guild and I, being the less uber, am often asked to sit.
Fact: I am hooked up with a highly desirable Defiler and a raid leader who allows us to play together. Yay for me!
This last fact often makes me feel guilty for making another class who clearly is needed on the raid sit out. And this last fact has led to a tiny tidbit of guild drama that happened on our forums and in game.
The crux of the drama can be summed up in one quote:
“What kind of a raiding set up allows 2 Guardians, 2 SKs, and Bruiser to raid while sitting out a Necromancer?”
If I break it down this is what happened.
1 Guardian is our MT (need him), 1 Guardian is an officer and is learning the encounters to be MA (need him), 1 Bruiser is DPS and an officer (I guess we need him), 1 ShadowKnight is former MA and officer (I guess we need him), and 1 ShadowKnight who is poorly speced for tanking and has a hot Defiler wife (Yay for me!). On the flip side, we asked a DPS, life burning, rezzing, FDing Necro to sit.
It doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to see who should be sitting. I am more than willing and my feelings don’t get hurt when I am asked to sit. I watch jealously over my wife’s shoulder as she sees zones that I only wish I were playing in.
My “Finest” moment that I will never forget is when I was asked to sit out of my first DeathToll run. I was talking about it for a week before hand I was so excited that I was finally going to see this end game zone I only saw in random screenshots. At the last moment I was sat out for an empty spot because the officers decided my resists weren’t high enough and in hopes someone “better” would log in. The spot remained empty till the end of the raid. I sucked it up and laughed about it… after. This also happened the night our guild finally took Pawbuster down. BUT I AM OVER IT!!!!
Issues like this seem to bring the worst out of our guild members. Feelings get hurt and people type with out thinking first. Going into a raid tonight the issue is still up in the air.
Should be interesting…